Friday, July 24, 2009

movies 2009 in no particular order

1. Speak...sad, dramatic, shows depth of kristen stewart

2. The Proposal...funniest movie I have seen in a long time

3. Hangover...not half-as-funny to me as to my friends...the proposal was way funnier to me

4. The Cake Eaters...weird, kinda cute

5. Star Trek...loved it, JJ Abrams = genius

6. Wolverine...really enjoyed this, as is the norm I disagreed with critics

7. Watchmen...just ok, another overly hyped movie which left out so many details that it was hard for me to follow. a good movie imho should give you all you need without you having to read to the book to get it

8. Terminator 4..."saw" this at the drive-in...fell asleep multiple times and every time it seemed to still be on the same scene

9. Night at the Museum 2...double feature with terminator. I was awake for most of this and still enjoyed it in spite of Ben Stiller starring in it

10. Ghosts of Girlfriends Past...I had hoped that it would have been good and funny. it wasn't really either of those things...tough b/c I love both Mcconaughey and Garner

11. Easy Virtue...strange, weird, yet fascinating. I'm not an animal person yet I hate seeing movies/parts of movies where they feel it is necessary for animals to die in gruesome ways i.e. this movie...also "year of the dog". it turns my stomach.

12. Defiance...sad, moving, loved it

13. Valkrie...first tom cruise movie I've seen since minority report/since he went nuts...I forgot it was tom cruise, he sold the role. he may be crazy but he's a brilliant actor

14. Last Chance Harvey...boring. no real chemistry b/t Thompaon and Hoffman. tough sell, didn't buy it

15. Race to Witch Mountain...saw this due to nostalgia, didn't quite live up to my expectations but was not bad


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  1. Can't wait to see Wolverine. I realize I could have many times over by by now. Ah well, good to know he'll be worth the wait.

    The Proposal is now at the top of my list, too. Thanks for the heads up.